The Ten Worst CEO Traits

Thanks to RecruitingBlogs for this one – the ten worst CEO traits:

Control Junkie.


Being Right




Gives Blame / Takes Credit


Bad Listener


Withholding info.




Kills Messengers


Win/Lose (no concept of win/win)



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  1. Anonymous
    November 09, 2011 09:10

    Yep, sounds like Steve Laub.

  2. David Manners
    November 02, 2011 10:59

    A genius gets forgiven, Hokkien, but how many genius CEOs do you know of?

  3. Hokkien Mee
    November 02, 2011 02:53

    I think Steve Job has almost all of the above traits. But he is still one of the greatest CEO of all time.

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