Froggy Grub In Ginza

All that Welsh Methodist puritanical bit seems to have hit a cherished part of Sony’s heritage, the replica of Maxim’s restaurant in the basement of the Sony building in the Ginza has been sold by Sony Corporation.

The story goes that, in the mid-1960s, Sony founder Akio Morita, thought that the then medium-sized, 20 year-old, Sony, should have a suitable place to entertain high-ranking foreign visitors. So he had a replica of Maxim’s, in Paris, recreated in the basement. It opened in 1966. However, the new Sony CEO, Welshman Sir Howard Stringer, decided not to keep the place, and it iwas sold off and is now independently owned and run. But it still does a damn good, if damned expensive, spot of froggy grub.

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