NTL and the Great Analogue Switch-Off

“Have you heard about the analogue switch-off?” a telephone caller from my cable TV suppler NTL asks me.

NTL have been trying to get me to move from an analogue modem to a digital service, but it involves me losing CNN, the only remaining 24 hour grown-up news channel now that the BBC and Sky are focused on celebs and murders. This new ploy about the analogue switch-off ploy is a new one on me, “Yes”, I reply to the caller’s question “but what’s that got to do with you?” “Wod’ya mean?” “Well the analogue switch-off relates to broadcast TV; you send your TV programmes down a cable.” “Oh, Yeah. Well we’re having an analogue switch-off as well”. “In that case I’ll switch off my direct debit.” End of conversation. It’s frightening how warped technobabble is used to mislead people.

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