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The Player

One of the world’s great players is Masayoshi Son, founder and CEO of SoftBank, who bought 80% of Sprint for $20 billion, bought Vodafone Japan for $15 billion and owns a stake in Alibaba worth $56 billion.

For reasons best known to himself he is raising $4 billion in a bond sale.

Investors are hoping he will use it to pay down some of his company’s $10 billion debt – the credit agencies grade SoftBank at the junk level –  but he’s just as likely to use it for another acquisition.

Son is one of the most extraordinary entrepreneurs of our time. Born Korean, he founded SoftBank in 1981, became a Japanese citizen in 1990, and after absorbing Vodafone K.K. and Sprint, tried and failed to swallow T-Mobile earlier this year.

He is said to have lost $70 billion in the 2008 crash.

The chances are he’ll now do something sensational.

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