500th Blog: Thanks Everyone

500 blogs and a year ago, the same week as last year’s Electronica, Mannerisms started and thanks to everyone who’s hit on it.

Clearly the ‘Ten Best. . . ./Ten Worst . . .’ lists on Wednesday mornings are the most popular item. After that it’s usually the red-hot current subjects – Wimax, stock scandal stuff, flash issues – which get read the most. The Web guys here monitor it all and tell me what are the most read items, what I should write more on, and what less on, but I have adopted a rule for judging what goes in: ‘Would the eyes of the guy you’re talking to in the bar at an industry conference glaze over if you mentioned this?’ If anyone has a better rule of thumb, I’d be very grateful to hear it. TOMORROW: THE TEN WORST CHIP INDUSTRY QUESTIONS

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