The Pioneers

In 1911 some of the early workers in the telephony industry formed a group called The Telephone Pioneers.

For their first meeting they asked Alexander Graham Bell to address them.

“I feel it a little presumptuous on my part to try to speak of the telephone to telephone men, it is to you that this great telephone development is due,” said Bell.

Bell continued: “I belong to the past, you belong to the future,” adding that a little of the history might be useful.

“It so happened,” recalled Bell, “that in the summer of 1874, during my visit to my father’s house in Brantford, the thought of the membrane telephone was elaborated. It was a theoretical conception of the magneto telephone, a very daring conception if I may be allowed to say – that the vibrations of the voice might create electrical impulses like the aerial impulses, and produce an audible result at the end.”

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