Getting market intelligence on electric vehicles

IDTechEx has launched a new browser-based “Electric Vehicle Market Intelligence Portal” providing analysis of the total electric vehicles market for land, water and air.

IDTechEX - Market Intelligence Portal

IDTechEX – Market Intelligence Portal

Electric vehicle companies across the value chain are profiled, analysed and benchmarked using the IDTechEx Index.

There are also articles offering latest research providing distilled updates, insights, analysis as well as detailed market data and forecasts on a regular basis.

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Subscribers will also have access to at least two market research and technology reports of their choice from our portfolio.

IDTechEx also provides ten-year market forecasts for 36 EV categories in terms of unit sales, unit prices and market value.

Thousands of companies make hybrid and/or pure EVs for land, water and air, while many others develop the underlying enabling technologies, components and/or infrastructure.

“The portal enables its subscribers to keep up-to-date with the latest developments, perform technology assessments, evaluate key players (incumbent or emerging) in the industry, and segment and assess the market opportunity,” said IDTechEx.


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