ARM and NI collaborate on processor power optimisation

The analyser is designed to provide performance and power optimisation of ARM processor-based SoCs running Linux and Android operating systems.

“Developers can correlate thread activity and application events with performance counters from different system components such as CPUs, GPUs and fabric, highlighting bottlenecks and areas for improvement in the software,” said ARM.

Streamline currently supports NI X and M series USB DAQ devices and extends its functionality with the visualisation of voltage, current and/or power consumption on multiple power domains.

NI X and M series USB DAQ devices provide up to 18-bit resolution, 80 channels of analogue voltage input and simultaneous sampling.

“Together, ARM DS-5 and NI-DAQ devices provide a scalable and flexible solution that meets the requirements of the next generation of ARM processor-based products,” said John Cornish, executive vice president, System Design Division, ARM.

According to Chad Chesney, director of marketing, DAQ acquisition, National Instruments: “With the versatility of NI data acquisition products and the performance of ARM DS-5, electronic equipment manufacturers can accelerate time to market for power-optimized products.”

A fully featured 30-day evaluation copy of ARM DS-5 Professional Edition v5.12 is available.

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