ESC: ARM shows fast multicore, with speedy prototype kit

ARM is lining up a couple of fast Cortex-A9 cores which will be introduced at Embedded Systems Conference in San Jose later today.

ARM will also showcase the Keil Microcontroller Prototyping System (MPS) for prototyping Cortex-M class processors.

This will be the first prototyping system incorporating a full-speed Cortex-M0 or Cortex-M3 processor implemented in FPGA which can be integrated with third-party peripheral IP to deliver a prototyping system for hardware and software application development.

At ESC, Actel will also show designers how to implement its royalty-free ARM Cortex-M1 processor in to a mixed signal FPGA.

The new versions of the Cortex-A9 MPCore multicore and Cortex-M3 processors can achieve speeds of up to 250MHz.

This will allow for real-time execution of software which can be analysed using the ARM Profiler tool, said the processor company.

Interesting peripherals include the PL310 L2 Cache Controller.

The attraction of the new prototyping system, the MPS, is that it enables developers to implement a Cortex-M class system without having access to the processor RTL.

This means different processors can be benchmarked in order to choose the most suitable for the intended devices price/performance.

“Previously ARM Partners could not implement a FPGA prototype without access to the processor RTL,” said Mark Onions, director of marketing, ARM System Design Division.

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