ESC: Microsoft embeds Visual Studio in MSDN

Microsoft has used the Embedded Systems Conference in San Jose to announce a new Windows Embedded developer services initiative.

Specifically, it has announced the Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 Professional Edition with MSDN Embedded subscription and Windows Embedded Developer Update service.

Microsoft describes the expansion of its software-plus-services offerings as “a cost-effective way to license Microsoft platforms and tools, receive technical support, and obtain early access to the latest Microsoft updates available”.

“The first step in executing on the comprehensive Windows Embedded services vision is continuing our investment in developers, helping them to create smart, connected, service-oriented devices,” said Kevin Dallas, general manager of the Windows Embedded business unit at Microsoft.

“The main objective of the Windows Embedded developer services initiative is to strengthen our commitment to ensuring that developers have seamless access to the ever-expanding set of products, documentation, support technology and third-party updates, which is why we are increasing our investment in the Windows Embedded MSDN community.”

Information on the Windows Embedded resources available through MSDN can be found at

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