Intel builds Linux open source support for Atom

Intel has acquired London-based Linux open source software development company OpenedHand.

The move is part of Intel’s project to develop its mobile software platform, called Moblin, for its recently announced family of Atom processors. These are Intel’s mobile Internet device (MID) processors.

OpenedHand has specialised in the development of open source mobiel software platforms and has worked with Nokia, One Laptop Per Child, OpenMoko and STMicroelectronics as well as Intel. As well as London, the comapny has offices in Paris and Helsinki.

Intel’s plans for Linux and open source platforms sit alomgside other industry moves in the field of open source mobile phone platforms. These include Nokia’s open source plans for the Symbian OS, the LiMo foundation and Google’s Android OS.

Intel said it will continue support open source mobile projects currently led by OpenedHand staff such as Clutter and Matchbox projects, and in most cases, will accelerate these projects as they become an integral part of Moblin.

According to OpenedHand, it recognised the potential of technologies such as Linux, the X Window System and GTK+ on non-desktop platforms and focus on developing Linux embedded platforms.

Its expertise is in applying desktop-based open source technologies in embedded platforms.

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