Polaris buys FPGA-based prototyping specialist, targets Japan

Polaris Design Systems, a Silicon Valley start-up company specialising in hardware-enabled semiconductor verification, has acquired the Asic/SoC device prototyping assets of IRIS Technologies.

IRIS develops and sells Altera FPGA-based Asic prototyping devices and Polaris Design Systems has said it will continue market and support the Altera Stratix family of Asic/SoC prototyping solutions.

“As more and more SoC designs engage in integration of pre-existing design IPs, it is imperative that it be thoroughly verified prior to a chip tape out — including running application-level software on the stitched RTL code so as to identify and fix corner-case and functional level defects in their implementation,” said  Rahm Shastry, chairman and CEO of Polaris Design Systems.

According to Shastry, software simulators cannot handle the complexity and are slow. While typically hardware emulation platforms can be expensive and difficult to use.

“Our standards-based, Altera FPGA-based Asic/SoC prototyping products offer a sweet spot with its compelling, price/performance metrics,” said Shastry.

The company recently delivered its first shipment to a large Japanese industrial conglomerate, which was a repeat customer of IRIS.

Polaris Design Systems has also appointed PROTOtyping Japan as its exclusive distributor in Japan.

“PROTOtyping Japan has been a leading distributor of ASIC prototyping solutions to the semiconductor industry starting with Hardi Electronics, which is now part of Synopsys. We are pleased to partner with them as our exclusive distributor in Japan,” said Shastry.

“We have successfully sold and supported IRIS’ ASIC prototyping solutions since 2009. We have known Rahm-san for a long time, and we are very pleased that Polaris Design Systems will continue to support our Japan customers with innovative, high-performance prototyping solutions,” said Noriyuki Sasaki, president and CEO of PROTOtyping Japan.


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