Raspberry Pi gets a competitor

Built by CubieTech, and not yet available, the board is designed around the AllWinner A10 chip, popular with Chinese tablet makers and the heart of the MK802 stick computer.


A10 is an SoC based on a 1GHz single-core ARM Cortex-A8, and a Mali-400 video processor.

This core gives the Cubieboard an advantage over Raspberry Pi when running the popular Ubuntu Linux distribution, as Ubuntu is now being aimed at ARM’s ARMv7 architecture, which the Cortex-A8 has, whereas Raspberry Pi has an ARM11 core, using the v6 architecture that much of the Ubuntu community seems to be leaving behind.

The other Ubuntu advantage Cubieboard has is that it be available with 1Gbyte of RAM, said the manufacturer, which is better suited to running ever-growing Ubuntu.

That said, Ubuntu does not appear to be a key distribution for the Raspberry Pi’s community which is concentrating on Raspbian, an optimised flavour of the Debian Linux distribution.

Other cubieboard features:

  • 1080p HDMI video output
  • 10/100M Ethernet
  • 4Gbyte flash
  • 2 USB host ports
  • 1 microSD slot
  • 1 SATA port


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