Raspberry Pi rival is available in the UK

A Raspberry Pi rival which began as a project on the Kickstarter crowdsourcing website is being sold in the UK by Rapid Electronics.


Dubbed the Udoo, it has a higher performance ARM processor than Raspberry Pi, it is based on a quad core ARM i.MX6 Freescale CPU processor which runs at 1GHz and packs 1GB of DDR3 RAM.

It is also compatible with Arduino hardware and software, on account of its second processor, an Atmel SAM3X8E. Together this lifts the Udoo out of the educational sector and positions it as a professional development platform.

“Imagine a computer comprising four Raspberry Pis and an Arduino Due, which can still be held in the palm of your hand,” said Rapid’s Richard Philpot.

A target application for the embedded Linux and Android platform is likely to be in the interactive arts, with its support for OpenCV, PureData and OpenFramework.

It also has dedicated GPUs for 2D and 3D graphics and composition, with digital audio in/out, CSI camera connection, HDMI and LVDS with touch.

There is also a Wi-Fi module SATA connector with power header.

“It has the potential to be a powerful tool for businesses and education, because it can be used for complex prototyping and can teach students so much about physical computing, software development and designing for interactive arts,” said Philpot.


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  1. And it cost significantly more than the Raspberry Pi. I highly doubt that anyone purchasing the Pi is worried about super fast performance. If they are, they definitely should look elsewhere.

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