TI cuts resolver-to-digital cost for servos

Resolver to digital conversion is possible using a microcontroller instead of custom circuitry, claims Texas Instruments.


Resolvers are brushless rotary transformers used in servo systems for long-life precision position feedback.

The firm’s C2000 ‘MCU Resolver Kit‘ implements resolver-to-digital conversion using software on a C2000 32bit DSP.

“It extends functionality by allowing a microcontroller to handle resolver-to-digital decoding, as well as other software-programmable real-time functions, such as additional ADC sampling and processing, encoder and Hall interfaces, DSP front-end, state logic, tasks to assist with functional safety and control loops,” said TI.

The kit includes a C2000 ‘controlCARD’-compatible PCB with on-board JTAG emulation for software debug, a resolver interface with filtering, UART and SPI interfaces, four DAC outputs for debug and a 15V power supply.

Software includes C2000 controlSUITE and the firm’s Code Composer Studio integrated development environment, which is Eclipse-based.

Data includes the bill of materials, schematics and PCB design files.

“It supports four software project variants running on three different C2000 controlCARDs, all purchased separately: TMDSCNCD28335 (floating-point), TMDSCNCD28035 (fixed-point) or parallel control law accelerator (CLA) and TMDSCNCD28027 (fixed-point).

Potential applications for the resolver-to-digital converter are in: industrial applications, including robotics, servo drives, and automation, as well as avionics and transportation.

There is a related detailed application note.


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