Industrial market is a good place to be – LinkedIn discussion

Industrial market is good place to be right now. The global market for industrial semiconductors had a strong year in 2013 and revenues were significantly up from the previous year, according to a new report from IHS Technology.

In Europe 13 countries figured among the top 20 global industrial electronics markets. Those nations included the likes of Germany, France, Switzerland, Sweden, Italy and Finland.

End markets under the industrial banner include automotive, home automation, medical, energy, aeronautics and military.

Lighting was a strong market, especially LED lighting products, as were security systems used in applications like video surveillance and fire alarms.

But what does the industry think?

Here are some of the comments from the discussion group of the Electronic Components Supply Network (ECSN) on LinkedIn.

Adam Fletcher, chairman of the ecsn/afdec.

“It is and will be better. Extrapolating current data suggests that the industrial sector, which is vital for the UK electronic components market, stabilised in 2013 and will start to grow again towards the end of Q1 ’14.

John Bowman

John Bowman

The rate of growth is difficult to forecast but I would suggest it is likely to be in the range 3% to 5% in 2014, however it is likely to be a long path back to pre-financial crisis levels…”

John Bowman, marketing director for semiconductors at Anglia

“IHS figures do coincide with the picture that Anglia is seeing. There are real opportunities for growth for distributors who invest in their businesses so that they can support their customers effectively.”

Barclay Mckenna, European marketing manager at Omron Electronic Components Europe B.V.

“Industrial electronics has become an umbrella term to mean ‘everything else’ but it does include some very fast growing sub-segments.

The IHS figures are especially encouraging for us in Europe as the six segments that you pick out are all areas where Europe is strong and still retains manufacturing as well as design.”


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