TI stays No.1 in bad year for industrial ICs

The industrial IC market sank 5.4% in 2012, with the eight leading suppliers of industrial ICs suffering revenue declines ranging from 0.8% to over 20% in 2012, says IHS

IHS 2013-05-08_Industrial_Final

The top ten suppliers had collective revenue of  $12.19bn representing 40.4% of the $30.15bn industrial IC market.

TI was No.1 supplier with sales of $2.09bn – down 6.6% on the year.

ST, at No.2, had revenue of $1.47bn, down 11.6%.

Infineon, at $1.46bn, was down 19.3%.

In fourth place was Intel with $1.34bn, followed at No. 5 by Analog Devices with $1.23bn – both down 7-8% on the year.

No. 7 Mitsubishi went down 20.4 percent to $944m, while No. 6 Renesas, fell 19.9% to $1.15bn.

No. 8,  Maxim, was flat at $865 million.

Only two companies in the top ten grew sales last year – Nichia and Panasonic.

Nichia went from No.16 in 2011 to No.9 last year thanks to its involvement in light-emitting diodes (LED) for general lighting. Nichia’s revenue reached $822 million, up 24.4%.

Panasonic grew 9.8% to $821m.
Among those that fell out of the Top 10 last year were NXP – down from No. 9 in 2011; and Xilinx.

Top Ten Industrial IC Suppliers 2012
TI                    2
ST                   1.5
Infineon      1.5
Intel              1.3
ADI                1.2
Renesas         1.2
Mitsubishi    0.944
Maxim            0.865
Nichia             0.822
Panasonic      0.821

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