ARM licenses IoT tech to Atmel

ARM has licensed processor and security IP to Atmel for imaging, video and display applications.

Pete Hutton - EVP and President of Product Groups

Pete Hutton – EVP and President of Product Groups

Atmel plans to integrate the technology into ICs for wearable devices and automated factory tasks reliant on image processing such as the identification of faulty products.

The license includes the ARM Cortex-A7 processor, ARM Mali-V500 video accelerator, Mali-DP500 display processor, and ARM TrustZone technology.

“Atmel and ARM have a successful history of collaboration,” says ARM evp Pete Hutton, “that partnership continues to build with Atmel now expanding its ARM IP portfolio to prepare the way for products in emerging markets such as IoT, wearables and factory automation.”

ARM Mali-V500 and Mali-DP500 enable HD 1080p60 resolution capabilities on a single core.

Both the ARM Mali-V500 and Mali-DP500 incorporate support for ARM TrustZone technology.

“As IoT and wearable devices become smaller, more sophisticated and integrated, the SoCs used in the devices will need to offer more features and functionality in smaller packages,” says Atmel’s Reza Kazerounian, “the small area footprint of the ARM Cortex and Mali multimedia solutions will allow us to offer HD video and display processing in unprecedented sizes.”

With Mali-DP500, Atmel SoCs will have the capability to deliver UI functionality such as multi-layer composition, scaling and post-processing with support from ARM’s Frame Buffer Compression (AFBC) protocol. This technology is unique to ARM and is capable of delivering a 60% reduction in system bandwidth for video playback.

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