Cambridge start-up connects horses to IoT

Cambridge Design Partnership has created a start-up company aimed at commercialising wearable electronic devices, for horse-racing.

Will Bradley, managing director of Gmax

Will Bradley, managing director of Gmax

Gmax Technology will manufacture a range of connected body monitors aimed at the horse-racing sports market.

The 5 year old start-up is targeting a niche high value market for sports monitors. It has been supported by Technology Strategy Board SMART awards and Knowledge Transfer Partnership grants.

One of its first products, called Vetcheck, is a handheld equine ECG and is currently in use at Dubai International Endurance City.

The firm’s flagship product, dubbed the Trackwork, is used to gather live performance data from groups of training horses, allowing owners and trainers to monitor fitness during training anywhere in the world.

It is currently in use in the UK by the Coral Champions Club allowing over 4000 of their members to follow the training of their horses over the internet.

gmexThe spin-out came from Cambridge Design Partnership’s expertise in designing medical diagnostic devices and products.

“The multidisciplinary approach of the team has allowed us to create products that combine novel sensors with wireless communications, which deliver valuable insights into the physiological effects of training,” said Will Bradley, managing director of Gmax.

“These innovative solutions are already in use by the horse racing industry and we expect similar products to be developed for a variety of markets such as human healthcare and sports training.”



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