Thales Alenia Space expands into the UK space industry

Thales Alenia Space has announced the acquisition of the “space activities” of Systems Engineering & Assessment (SEA) Limited, which is part of Cohort plc.

Thales Alenia Space President and CEO Jean Loïc Galle

Thales Alenia Space President and CEO Jean Loïc Galle

Thales Alenia Space UK expects the deal will boost growth in systems engineering and research and technology.

“Our decision to come to the UK, motivated by the UK Government’s work has been supported by concrete actions to bolster the development of our activities in the short term,” said Martin Gee, CEO of Thales Alenia Space UK.

“Our acquisition of the space business of SEA gives a kickstart to our ambitions in the UK, and aligns well with the global business of Thales Alenia Space, and in particular regarding a number of technologies that have been developed here in the UK by the SEA engineers, and their use in future space missions, in addition to a number of exciting ongoing international programs.”

Thales Alenia Space UK has recently opened new offices in Harwell, Oxfordshire, which is in addition to space propulsion activities in Belfast.

“Through this acquisition, Thales Alenia Space UK is in working order to support the UK Space Agency and aspire to reinforce its development in the advanced space technologies,” said Thales Alenia Space President and CEO Jean Loïc Galle.

“This approach is a natural fit with the company’s ‘Ambition 10’ growth plan for the coming years.”


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