Farnell and Freescale collaborate on motor control dev kit

Farnell and Freescale have created a development kit for low voltage motor drives.

Farnell Freescale S12ZVML-MINIBRD motor control kit

Called MagniV, it is a single board variable speed drive for brushless DC (BLDC) motors and permanent magnet synchronous motors (PMSM) using trapezoidal or field-oriented control.

Unusually, it is designed for both professionals and hobbyists, said Farnell, which has priced it at £25.23.

It is also a further sign that some distributors are genuinely adding value – the board will be made by Farnell subsidiary Embest – a development board firm it bought recently.

The kit includes both the hardware, software libraries and development tools needed to get a variable speed motor up and running.

Farnell Freescale S12ZVML-MINIBRD motor control kitThe board (part number S12ZVML-MINIBRD) is built around an MC9S12ZVM 16bit automotive microcontroller family which itself has Freescale’s enhanced S12Z core plus motor drive peripherals and includes mosfet gate drivers. This controls a six-mosfet three-phase 5-8A bridge.

There is also a LIN interface, a debug interface, and all that is required for back-EMF sensing.

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