Freescale aims at fuel injection controllers

Freescale has announced a multi-core mixed-signal solenoid controller for fuel-injected petrol and diesel engines.

22jan14FreescaleBlock 600

“Increasingly stringent fuel efficiency standards require advanced analogue technologies. The MC33816 programmable solenoid controller embeds intelligence with four integrated cores, enabling four parallel tasks to run independently of the main system microcontroller. The result is a response time up to 16x faster than traditional architectures, thereby improving engine efficiency with precise fuel delivery,” said the firm.


Simplified MC33816 application diagram

Inside are five high-side mosfet gate drivers, seven low-side gate drivers. Drive, diagnosis, and protection are managed through the four processing cores, which share two banks of code ram and two banks of data ram.

There are also two internal voltage regulators, with over-voltage and under-voltage monitoring and protection, plus four current sense modules.

Embedded encryption and microcode protection are included to inhibit reverse engineering.

The architecture is also suited to driving dual clutch transmissions, and solenoids in factory automation, said Freescale.

KIT33816AEEVM is the matching evaluation board, and software with SPI generator (SPIGen) can be downloaded.


Features include:
9-32V continuous supply, 5.5-58 V transient
Up to 72V gate driver operating range
Peak and hold drive capability
Dc-dc boost converter control
Four programmable slew rates (12.5-300V/us)
10x10mm 64pin LQFP-EP package

The chip is available now and is being demonstrated at CAR-ELE in Japan this week.

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