Microchip delivers up to 100W over USB

Microchip has announced a family of power controllers that support ’USB Power Delivery‘ (UPD) – the provision of up to 20V and 5A over a USB cable.

Block diagram

UPD1001 block diagram

“A single USB cable can be used for data and simultaneously deliver up to 100W of power from a single standard USB port which is 40 times the power compared to USB 2.0,” claimed Microchip.

UPD1001 is the first in the family, supporting the five USB-IF standard UPD power profiles plus 25 UPD-compliant profiles.

Simple configuration is achieved by strapping two configuration select pins, while integrated quad-banks of one-time programmable memory allow for further system customisation without the need for any external memory components.

USB Power Delivery allows a compatible host (or device) to provide or consume up to 5A (standard-size connectors, 3A max for Micro connectors) and up to 20V to a UPD-capable partner device on the other end of the USB cable.

“USB PD-capable standard and custom cables and connectors are supported, which in most cases are backward compatible with standard USB connections,” said Microchip.

Anything beyond normal USB 5V is negotiated between devices at either end of the cable by signalling on the two power wires.

The chip includes a MAC and PHY for Revision 1.0 (Version 1.2) communication protocol from the USB Power Delivery Specification. The PHY supports cable ID detection/identification and loop-back modes, as well as including a 24MHz FSK modulator/demodulator and providing terminations. The MAC supports both USB PD insertion detection (cold socket) and dead battery cases.

Monitoring of VBUS and battery charging comes through integrated voltage and current ADC inputs. The on-chip microcontroller manages IOs and implements the power delivery local policy engine and device manager.

There is an on-board microcontroller, with an SPI ROM controller so it can execute code from an external memory. One-time programmable (OTP) ROM is integrated, as are 3.3 and 1.8V regulators allow device operation from a single power supply.

Commercial (0 to 70°C), industrial (-40 to 85°C), and automotive (-40 to 105°C) temperature ranges are available.

Applications are expected in notebooks, printers and accessories, docking stations, mobile devices, battery chargers car head units, break-out boxes and USB battery chargers.

There is an evaluation kit (EVB-UPD1001), pictured, which is available now.

The UPD1001 devices are available now for sampling in 32pin QFN and 28pin TSSOP. Volume production for these devices is expected in July.

UPD1001 is provider only, UPD1002 will be provider/consumer and only come in a 32pin QFN.

Later family members will support the USB C connector.

There UPD1001 data sheet is a bit brief. There is a UPD1001 presentation that has a tiny bit more information.

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