PCIM: Cissoid solar design uses SiC JFETs

Cissoid has introduced at PCIM this week a version of its Hades isolated gate driver reference design which will now support Semisouth silicon carbide (SiC), normally-off power JFETs (SJEP120R100)

Cissoid has introduced at PCIM this week a version of its Hades isolated gate driver reference design which will now support Semisouth silicon carbide (SiC), normally-off power JFETs (SJEP120R100).
The reference design is based on the Cissoid’s chipset THEMIS, ATLAS and RHEA, sustaining junction temperatures from -55 °C up to +225 °C in metal and ceramic packages.

A lower temperature version limited to 125°C, with an expected operational lifetime of at least 20 years, is also planned.

“What we are demonstrating with SemiSouth is a solution tailored to meet the requirements of the solar and transportation markets, meeting their low-cost target, while enabling efficiency gains and the longest lifetime that beats traditional semiconductors by more than a decade,” said Jean-Christophe Doucet, v-p marketing at Cissoid. 

Driving SemiSouth’s SJEP120R100 SiC JFET, the test board was able to hard-switch 600 V and 10 A with turn-off and turn-on times of only 14 ns and 24 ns, respectively.

The test board also demonstrated very low switching losses (Etotal less than 124?J) that were a factor of 10 to 20 lower than standard silicon IGBTs, but also lower than a number of other SiC power switches. 
According to Dr. Kevin Speer, SemiSouth’s director of business development:  “We have seen, first-hand, the exceptional performance the HADES gate driver is capable of delivering with our SiC JFETs, and we are confident users will find it to be an elegant solution that offers industry-leading power conversion efficiency.”
The Hades half-bridge isolated gate driver board, P/N EVK-TIT0636B, is available for electrical evaluation with the high-temperature version of the chipset; a single channel, low cost version of the isolated gate drive chipset will be introduced in the coming months.

The Application Note (CISSOID AN-121168) is also available. 



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