Raytheon battery monitor tested by military

Raytheon’s battery monitoring system (BMS) will be used in military vehicles to help extend the life of batteries, reduce the number of unnecessary battery replacements.


Battery power is used to drive engines during so-called ‘Silent Watch’ periods.

The system is designed to revert to a hibernation mode when the platform is not in use to minimise the platform power drain to 30mW per battery monitoring unit.

Battery voltage measurement is now resolved to 0.25mV, with an error of ±1% over the range 0 to 16.6V.

Battery current is measured typically to ±1% or better. In addition, battery impedance measurements can now be resolved to 6.4μΩ, and battery temperature can be measured to a resolution of ±0.5oC

“When in Silent Watch, the crew needs to know battery condition with high confidence to avoid unnecessary engine running. Automatic BMS calibration and accurate current and voltage measurement are key to robust monitoring of the battery State-of-Charge and State-of-Health,” said Neil Glachan, business development executive for Raytheon’s Integrated Power Systems.

The system will monitor up to eight 12V batteries – connected in series-parallel – simultaneously and it will interface to other vehicle systems via a MilCAN or J-Std-1939 interface. The BMS will also operate reliably down to 5.5V.

“A number of prototype units are currently being evaluated by military customers,” said Glachan.


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