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Leti to reveal post-7nm process technology

CEA-Leti will give details about post-7nm CMOS device architectures, materials and computing-system paradigms at a LetiDay event on Dec. 6 and at IEDM 2015. “Our tradition is to take a broad, production-oriented approach to technology development, to reduce risks and accelerate the transition into high-volume manufacturing, and this is our approach for the post-7nm realm,” said Olivier Faynot, manager of Leti’s Microelectronic Section. “Our ...

IDT kits commoditise wireless charging


IDT has launched transmitter and receiver reference kits that add wireless charging to products for a BOM cost of $30 and $40. The Qi-compliant kits, P9038-R-EVK and P9025-R-EVK,  “enable engineers to incorporate wireless charging capabilities into their designs in a matter of hours”, says IDT. The 5W, 5V kits can be used for PC peripherals, furniture, medical devices, and other portable ...