PARC raises Q factor on chips

PARC raises Q factor on chipsHarry Yeates
These self-assembling out-of-plane micro inductors (pictured right) have beendeveloped by PARC, the former Xerox Palo Alto Research Centre that became anindependent company in January this year.
The coils are made using patented stress-engineered films which areelectroplated with copper and curl themselves into shape.
PARC claims the design gives Q factors on semiconductors 50-100 per centhigher than current technologies, and can be batch fabricated using standardprocessing.
Applications could include cell phones, TV tuners, wireless local networksand other RF ICs. Listed Q values are over 70 at 1GHz on insulators, and over 40at 1GHz on standard CMOS. Solenoid inductances are 1-50nH.

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