The first 64MB DRAM RIMM from Samsung

The first 64MB DRAM RIMM from Samsung
Tom Foremski
US based Samsung Semiconductor says it has developed the first 64MB DRAM Rambus In-line Memory Module (RIMM) allowing PC makers to make use of fast Rambus memory chips in their future high-end models.
The module is built with the micro ball grid array (BGA) packaging technology which is normally used for ASICs and telecommunications chips. Samsung says it has managed to develop a process for mass producing BGA based RIMM products.
The South Korean owned firm, hopes that its line of Rambus products will help it gain an early lead in what is expected to become a major DRAM market and provide profit margins that are healthier than those for its current DRAM products. Samsung says that early Rambus DRAM chip samples showed a performance of up to one gigabit per second throughput, compared with Rambus specifications that called for at least 800 Mbits per second.

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