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Four lasers conjure fibre optic out of thin air

Optical fibres made from thin air could transmit data to and from hard-to-reach places.

Regular optical fibres are made from two transparent materials that slow light down by different amounts. The difference in materials lets light reflect along the length of the cable without leaking out – perfect for…

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Meet Jibo, the family robot

In suite 712 of the Eventi Hotel, high above the sticky June bustle of Midtown Manhattan, New York, one of the world’s most advanced consumer robots awaits command…

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Boron buckyballs roll out from Brown University

Score one for boron. For the first time, a version of the famous football-shaped buckyball has been created from boron.

Discovered in 1985, buckyballs are made from 60 carbon atoms linked together to form hollow spheres. The molecular cages are very stable and can withstand high temperatures and pressures…

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Google and Apple battle for the smart home hub

The race for the smart home is on. Recently, Nest Labs of Palo Alto, California, made the software behind its internet-connected thermostat and smoke detector systems accessible to outside developers. The move opens the door for anyone to build apps that work with Nest’s products – which have found…

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CSR opens new R&D centre in Bristol

Bluetooth specialist CSR has opened a new R&D facility in Bristol. It will concentrate on wireless connectivity and audio for products in areas such as automotive and wearable devices.

It already had an R&D site at the Bristol & Bath Science Park, since 2012, and the…

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Space: ESA approves plans for the Athena X-ray space telescope

The European Space Agency (ESA) has approved plans for the Athena X-ray space telescope, which will be the largest of its kind ever built.

Costing about €1 billion, the flagship project will launch in 2028. It will weigh in at 5 tonnes, be about 12 metres long and will…

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Electronics patent of the month: A novel computer mouse

Michael Jaeger, patent attorney at leading UK patent and trade mark attorneys Withers & Rogers LLP, writes:

GB Patent Number: GB2500134
Granted to: James and Stephen Bowden

Repetitive strain injury (RSI) is a medical problem which is taken very seriously in the workplace. It can be a debilitating condition for…

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Biocatch behavioural biometrics promises password obsolescence

Software can identify people based solely on the way they use their mouse and keyboard, and it could let us do away with passwords altogether, writes Paul Marks of New Scientist.

As we sit hunched over our keyboards, it is hard to believe that the way we peck at the…

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Quantum transmission sent through space

The first quantum transmission to go via space paves the way for ultra-secure communications satellites.

Secret encryption keys transmitted via quantum links provide the ultimate way to communicate securely. That’s because any attempt to intercept the key will be revealed thanks to the laws of quantum mechanics, which…

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