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NTSB concludes Virgin Galactic SpaceShipTwo crash review

Human error, not mechanical fault, caused the crash of the Virgin Galactic SpaceShipTwo last October, a review has concluded. But the companies behind the craft and the regulator that approved its flight are not off the hook.

The crash was a result of co-pilot Michael Alsbury unlocking the spacecraft…

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Wize Mirror reads back vital signs

Mirror mirror on the wall, am I at risk of heart disease? One day soon your mirror might actually be able to give you the answer.

Wize Mirror looks like a mirror, but incorporates 3D scanners, multispectral cameras and gas sensors to assess the health of someone looking into it…

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Interview: Making the BBC Micro:bit Bluetooth Smart

Bluetooth Smart is a key element of the Micro:bit, the BBC’s much heralded educational computing device aimed at Year 7 children in the UK. Electronics Weekly talks to Martin Woolley, Bluetooth SIG Technical Program Manager, who led the work around Bluetooth, including creating a specific Micro:bit Bluetooth…

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Comment: The final barriers to wearable tech

2015 will not be the year of wearable tech but better luck next year, says Simon Holt, Strategic Alliance Marketing Manager at Premier Farnell

In September 2013 Forbes magazine reported on the launch of the Samsung Galaxy Gear and boldly declared 2013 “the year of wearable tech”. Then, following slow…

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Harvard 3D-printed robot jumps six times its height

Engineers at Harvard University have created a 3D-printed robot that can leap about six times its own height.

The secret to its success? It’s made from a combination of soft and rigid parts.

Soft robots are more adaptable, safer, and more resilient than stiff metal machines, say the…

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Micro Bit reunites BBC and ARM for grand education initiative

The BBC Micro Bit programmable device for school children was first announced back in March, along with a prototype. And the finished article was formally launched today at an event in Broadcasting House, London.

Around 1 million of the devices will be given to all Year 7 children (11/12…

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Electronics patent of the month: Cloud-based set top box TV service

This month features cloud-based set top box services. Michael Jaeger, patent attorney at leading UK patent and trade mark attorneys Withers & Rogers LLP, writes:

GB Patent Number: GB2476668
Granted to:  Sony Europe Limited

We’ve all heard of (or been unfortunate enough to have experienced) the ‘blue screen…

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Comment: 3D-printing revolution impacts on supply chains

Michael Minall, of Vendigital, sees the adoption of 3D-printing technology gaining momentum in the aerospace and defence sectors.

Easyjet’s announcement of its intention to use 3D printing to produce replacement cabin parts is further evidence that a technological revolution in the sector is gaining momentum. And it is…

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