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Sony re-orgs devices group

Sony has split up its electronics devices business into three groups – the semiconductor, battery and storage media businesses.

In the sensor dominated semiconductor business, Sony will establish Sony Semiconductor Solutions Corporation.

In the battery business, Sony Energy Devices Corporation is eatablished.

In the storage media business, Sony Storage Media and…

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Japan goes for driverless taxis

Japan is trying to catch up with Google on autonomous self-drive cars, reports The Nikkei.

On Thursday, Japan’s Cabinet will make self-driving taxi services a project for Japan’s experimental deregulation zones.

The target of the programme is to have a fleet of driverless taxis at the…

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Dialog BLE devkit connects home accessories the Apple way

Dialog has brought out a Bluetooth Smart development kit support for Apple HomeKit, to help develop smart home accessories.

Initial pairing set up takes 4.5 seconds and pair-verify, which occurs whenever an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch issues a command, takes 250 ms.

The DA14580 comes in a…

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Altis may bid for ST DPG

ST’s digital products division (DPG) has attracted interest from a potential acquirer, reports the French business magazine Challenges.

However the potential acquirer may be no more welcome to ST employees than he is to the French finance ministry.

The possible buyer is Yazid Sabeq, a former Commissioner for Diversity…

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ARM joins SRC

ARM has joined SRC’s Global Research Collaboration (GRC) programme.

Research in the GRC programme focuses on current semiconductor industry priorities, including the continued scaling of semiconductor technologies and finding diverse applications for them.

The programme has also expanded into new areas, including cybersecurity, technologies at the convergence of semiconductors…

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Xilinx ships 16nm finfet FPGA

Xilinx has made its first customer shipment of 16nm finfet FPGAs,

“We call this a “Three-Peat”, says Xilinx vice-president Victor Peng. “Being first to market with products at 28nm, 20nm, and now at 16nm.”

The Zynq UltraScale+ multiprocessor SoC (MPSoC), built on TSMC’s 16FF+ process, enables the…

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VR in sight for ARM’s Mali T-880

ARM is positioning its top-end graphics IP – the Mali T-880 – as a virtual reality (VR) engine.

“Smartphones are as big as we want them to be but more computational power is needed in the graphics and display to get more realism,” Mark Dickinson, ARM’s graphics general told…

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Semiconductor inventories steady, says Jewell

Despite alarm about the state of semiconductor inventories, particularly from the foundries, Bill Jewell’s Semiconductor Intelligence says that: “Semiconductor inventories appear to be under control throughout the semiconductor device supply chain.”

At the semiconductor manufacturers inventory ratios have been stable for eighteen months, says Jewell

Exceptions are Intel and…

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ST digital division faces guillotine

The French business weekly magazine Challenges reports that the future of ST’s digital division is now in the hands of President Francois Hollande.

The French Economics Minister and the Defence Minister have reviewed the possible divestment or closure of Crolles, the Finance Ministry has had its say, the CFE…

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FTDI Chip boosts EVE ecosystem

FTDI Chip has enlarged the development ecosystem surrounding its Embedded Video Engine (EVE) platform for advanced human machine interface (HMI) implementation.

The latest additions concern the FT810 series of high resolution EVE ICs, which are now in full scale production. In order to support these devices, the company has announced…

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