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USB will carry 4K video with new connector design

Could a USB connector support 4K high definition video? This is what the industry intends and a new look USB connector is likely to start appearing in PCs, TVs and mobiles over the next year.

The Type-C connector, as it is called, is expected to take over from the…

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Will car makers become internet companies?

Connected vehicles will create a new business opportunity proving the internet-based mobile services to the driver.

Car manufacturers will soon be competing against technology companies to provide the online services to connected cars.

Autonomous connected vehicles are seen as the first major market for so-called internet of things…

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Chips at risk from bad voltages, says Mentor

Electrical reliability and protection from electrostatic discharge (ESD) has become more important to IC designers as on-chip geometries shrink and device complex increases.

ESD is not a new phenomenon in chip design but its importance to IC designers has increased in recent years.

The main factors for this are…

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M2M connections increasing, but don’t call it IoT

The market for M2M cellular modules and wireless terminals is predicted to grow dramatically over the next three years.

By the end of 2019 the market for cellular M2M modules is expected to reach $2.2bn, according to a new report by Beecham Research.

The numbers of modules and wireless…

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Touch displays need extra EMI protection, says supplier

Capacitive touch screen panels have their own particular problems with being susceptible to electromagnetic interference (EMI)

EMI coupling for capacitive touch screens can be a problem which  can result in the touch screen assembly being affected by external noise and emissions from the rest of the system.

As well as…

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Design kit for STM32F7 MCU has Arduino extension

STMicroelectronics’ STM32F7 series ARM Cortex-M7 core microcontroller just got easier to design in with a starter kit that has a Arduino Uno connector for coupling into the open source design environment.

Dubbed the Discovery kit, it comes with a 4.3-inch WQVGA colour LCD with touchscreen.

There is…

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Concept Engineering upgrades netlist debugger for complex SoCs

German chip debugging tool firm Concept Engineering has released its latest generation tools.

StarVision PRO, RTLvision PRO, GateVision PRO, and SpiceVision PRO are scriptable debugging and visualisation tools.

As well as a debug tool for  analogue, digital and mixed-signal designs, StarVision PRO provides customisable design rule checks and automated…

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NXP sells CMOS sensor business to ams

NXP has sold its CMOS sensor business to Austrian mixed-signal chip firm ams.

NXP is currently in the middle of a merger with US chip firm Freescale Semiconductor.

Earlier this summer NXP also agreed to sell its RF power business to Chinese private equity firm Jianguang Asset Management  for…

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Comment: Can Germany keep Europe in the FD-SOI game?

With FD-SOI now being proposed as the next generation semiconductor process technology, the epicentre for semiconductor manufacturing in Europe is shifting to Germany.

With the eclipse of both STMicroelectronics and NXP as major European manufacturers of chips, the new momentum for investment in wafer fabs seems to be coming…

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ADI integrates 24-bit sigma-delta converters into sensor interface chip

Analog Devices has integrated 24-bit sigma-delta converters into analogue front end devices with up to eight differential inputs.

The AD7124-4 and AD7124-8 are integrated signal chain devices with a programmable gain amplifier, precision reference, reference buffers, current sources, temperature sensor and excitation sources all on-chip…

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