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Small cells are coming and they need to be tested

One of the most noticeable trends in the mobile world in recent years is the advent of ‘small cells’. Small cells (a term which encompasses femto-, pico- and microcells) have become increasingly popular in larger enterprises, shopping malls and airports, where there is demand for 2G, 3G and LTE mobile…

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Design ideas: Some practical ways to split a voltage rail

There are a number of reasons why an engineer would want to “split” a voltage rail in their design. Sometimes parts of the circuit, like a sensor or an IC, require a bipolar supply.

Other reasons are to make the best use of the dynamic range of your ADC if…

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TI has motor control platform with Ethernet comms

Texas Instruments has introduced a hardware and software kit for industrial drive and servo design with support for real-time Ethernet communications and functional safety topologies.

Based on the real-time control architecture of TI’s C2000 microcontrollers, DesignDRIVE  design kit can be used for the development of industrial inverter…

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Toshiba claims to have ‘smallest’ optocoupler

Toshiba Electronics has introduced a number of photo-relays in small VSON4 packages.

The TLP34xx devices support trigger LED currents of 3mA (max) and isolation voltage of 300Vrms(min).

The VSON4 package measures 1.5mm x 2.5mm x 1.3mm thick.

The TLP3442 device also has a low off…

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Efficient motors will work on a network, says ADI

There is currently a lot of discussion surrounding energy efficiency in modern production plants and manufacturers of systems solutions are continually unveiling new concepts to address the issue.

One such concept involves introducing a greater degree of automation, which is somewhat surprising but it takes into consideration the demand for…

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Broadcom adds more ARC processor IP to SoCs

Broadcom has extended its license agreement with Synopsys which will give it access to DesignWare ARC processors for integration in system-on-chip (SoC) designs.

Broadcom  uses ARC processors for video compression in its SoCs for consumer devices.

The DesignWare ARC Processor portfolio consists of configurable 32-bit Risc processors…

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Mouser adds to open source board sales channel

Mouser Electronics has added to its open source hardware offering.

The distributor’s Open Source Hardware Technology website now has an updated product selector  which allows users to select a board  from 30 different parameters including processor type and speed, memory and expansion capabilities, wireless and wired networking, user interface…

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PCIM: Surface mount current sensor has 4.8kV isolation

The ACS722 and ACS723 Hall-effect current sensor ICs from Allegro MicroSystems Europe are being offered in a new high-isolation SOIC16 package.

It is a low-profile surface-mount package which provides a 4,800V RMS isolation rating, which is the highest available from the supplier’s family of…

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Super-fast Wi-Fi developer in wireless charging move

Blu Wireless Technology wants to demonstrate that its multi-gigabit Wi-Fi technology which operates in the 60GHz band will work with wireless charging and it has teamed with chip company IDT to do it. 

So that your high speed Wi-Fi router will also charge your phone.

The aim…

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Stadium has 15W supply for medical

Stadium Power is offering a 15W output power module for medical applications, which is fully encapsulated with the option to PCB mount, or din rail chassis mount with screw terminals and 3 year warranty.

The MFC15 series has a universal input range from 90-264Vac, an operating temperature range from…

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