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Hypervisor scales from Intel Atom to XEON processors

A new hypervisor has been designed for Intel processors ranging from Atom processors to XEON based systems and including the latest 6th generation Intel Core processors (codename Skylake).

Real-Time Systems of Germany has created this version R4.3 of its RTS Hypervisor to allow guest operating systems to be…

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High voltage regulator is capable of low voltage output

A synchronous step-down switching regulator has been designed by Linear Technology to deliver 1A on a 100V input with efficiency up to 90%.

Burst mode operation is used to keep quiescent current under 7µA in no-load standby conditions.

Designed for 48V automotive systems and high voltage industrial…

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LabView gets audio front-end from Audio Precision

LabView is commonly used for analysing audio systems and now developers can take advantage of a software driver from audio test system firm Audio Precision which makes it easier to integrate its instruments into LabView-based measurement environments.

The company has created a DAQ driver for its APx515 analyser which…

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Workshop will present research into quantum computing

Oxford Instruments is running a one day workshop on ‘Processing for Quantum Computing’, in Delft, the Netherlands on 11th November 2015.

The workshop, which is free, will present recent progress in quantum computing, plus future trends in its development and application.

Dr Frank Dirne, managing director of tquantumhe Kavli Nanolab…

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IoT platform comes with Google cloud out of the box

An IoT (internet of things) hardware platform which will connect with mobile services around the world has been introduced by Sierra Wireless.

With connection to Google cloud services for collecting data from connected devices, the hardware, dubbed the IoT Acceleration Platform, is unusual because it will provide mobile connections with…

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IoT sensor prototyping board has Bluetooth interface

Panasonic Automotive & Industrial Systems is selling an evaluation kit for its Grid-Eye infrared array sensor, which incorporates a Bluetooth Smart module and a microcontroller.

The kit is intended for prototyping the infrared array sensor which is a 64 pixel IR camera in a surface mount package measuring 11…

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Dev board puts ECP5 FPGAs in small cells

Lattice Semiconductor is targeting its ECP5 range of FPGAs at small cell wireless basestations and communications terminals and it has introduced a development kit for system prototyping and test.

The ECP5 Versa development kit allows designers to evaluate system performance against interface standards such as PCI Express, Gigabit Ethernet, DDR3…

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Keysight buys UK-based asset management firm

Keysight Technologies continues to build its test equipment support services business and it has bought a UK-based repair and asset management services company.

The test services business is new focus for Keysight following last year’s separation from Agilent Technologies life sciences businesses.

Electroservices Enterprises, which is based in…

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TI Delfino MCU gets in-system programming

Texas Instruments’ latest 32-bit floating-point microcontroller, called Delfino, gets in-system programming with the FlashRunner line from SMH Technologies of Italy.

The in-circuit programming of the F2837xD microcontrollers, which have two real-time control accelerators (CLAs), avoids the limitations associated with traditional programmable devices (On-Socket or…

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UK manufacturer says semi-flexible RF cables can deliver

UK-based RF connector manufacturer Intelliconnect has decided to supply its own brand of semi-flexible RF cables as alternatives to Multiflex, T-Flex and Flexiform cables used in defence, security and test system applications.

According to the supplier, any small reductions in performance of semi-flexible cables compared with…

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