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How to design a supercapacitor charger with balancing

As the cost to produce supercapacitors (SCAPs, or ultracapacitors) continues to decline, they are carving out a niche in the marketplace between conventional capacitors and batteries. And, although supercaps require some “care and feeding,” they are replacing batteries in data storage applications requiring high current/short duration backup power.


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Toshiba intros all-in-one smart meter MCU

Toshiba Electronics is targeting smart metering designs with a ARM Cortex-M4F core-based microcontroller for making electric power calculation in meters, but which will also manage comms and display functions.

The TMPM411F20XBG MCU also implements tamper detection and failure detection along with key security functions suitable for secure network…

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Regulator drives 200mA but drops only 300mV

Linear Technology’s latest low dropout voltage linear regulator is capable of delivering up to 200mA continuous output current with a 300mV dropout voltage at full load.

The input voltage range is 1.6V to 45V  and the output voltage is adjustable from 0.6V to 40V.

The LT3062’s…

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Raspberry Pi software guru to answer your questions

Raspberry Pi’s head of software will be answering designers questions about the embedded computing platform.

Gordon Hollingworth will answer designers’ questions put to him by Matt Timmons-Brown, the Raspberry Pi Guy, in an online interview and the Raspberry Pi foundation is inviting questions from designers.

See George Hollingworth…

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UK benefits from stronger chip sales through distribution

Semiconductor sales through distribution channels in Europe grew by 5.3% to €1.6bn in the second quarter to the end of June, according to DMASS (Distributors’ and Manufacturers’ Association of Semiconductor Specialists).

The UK semiconductor distribution market grew by 7.3% to €131m.

Only Germany and Eastern Europe grew…

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IDC wire termination gets tough

Samtec has introduced a 2.00 mm pitch discrete wire IDC system designed to simplify and strengthen discrete wire termination in field applications…

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Manufacturer buys M2M firm to target IoT business

Stadium Group  has acquired a manufacturer which specialises in M2M wireless devices for use over cellular networks.

The Cheshire-based company, United Wireless operates in the automotive and telematics sectors. It employs 40 people.

Stadium said it has a strategy to add complementary products, design capability and global supply chain…

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Does off really mean off in a smart meter?

Reduction in energy use is high on the agenda of customers, who have to pay for wasted energy, utilities which need to keep pace with growing energy consumption, and of governments, who have to handle the macro-effects of global warning…

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NMI conference to discuss lean manufacturing

NMI, the UK’s microelectronics industry association, will hold its annual manufacturing conference at the University of Warwick on October 1st.

NMI is very keen on the concepts of ‘lean’ manufacturing and the conference programme has four themed sessions:

Lean 2020: Visions for Lean in the future
Lean Leadership: The…

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Samsung moves IoT into the home with big buy

Samsung has agreed to acquire SmartThings, a firm developing software-based platforms which bring the internet of things into the home.

Samsung could pay a reported $200m for California-based SmartThings which develops software to monitor, control, and automate their homes from wherever they are through a single mobile app…

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