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Comment: What is the wearables reality?

These days it feels like everyone is talking about wearable technology – and rightfully so.

According to market research firm IHS, wearable technology saw revenues of $8.5bn in 2012, but could reach $30bn by 2018. We’re still in the early days of wearable technology and we’re constantly learning…

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US firm produces sealed-AGM lead-acid battery

Advanced Battery Concepts (ABC) says it has started commercial production of its patented redesign of lead acid battery technology.

Michigan-based ABC claims it is the first large format, bipolar, sealed AGM, valve-regulated lead acid battery.

Launch products are two ICE 61056-certified general purpose 24V and 48V mono…

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Honeywell wireless modules get energy harvesting from UK

Perpetuum, the vibration-based energy harvesting specialists, has released its FM-certified Intelligent Power Module (IPM) for the Honeywell XYR 6000 series wireless transmitters.

The IPM can replace the standard Honeywell OEM battery pack that allows the XYR 6000 series transmitters to accept external power in the form of vibration…

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3D printer can replicate itself part-by-part

RS Components is stocking the latest 3D printer from RepRapPro.

Bristol-based RepRapPro has refined the original Ormerod single-colour 3D printer so that it is simpler to assemble with improved wiring looms for simple plugin connection and no soldering necessary.

The Ormerod 2 uses the FFF (Fused Filament Fabrication…

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Synopsys looks to finfet design with new IC Compiler

Synopsys has introduced the 2014.09 release of its IC Compiler place and route product which has advanced support for finfet-based design.

Capabilities include look-ahead technologies, first introduced in the previous release of the compiler, and enhanced concurrent clock and data optimisation (CCD) for a frequency boost on…

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Drones to take IoT to remote regions of the world

Portugal firm Quarkson has built an unmanned aerial vehicle capable of flying around the world and acting as a communications satellite.

Called SkyOrbiter LA25, the drone is being proposed as a cost-effective way of providing internet communications to remote areas of the world where building terrestrial communications networks would…

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UK radar tracking technology scans Korean DMZ

Cambridge Pixel supplied software for radar scan visualisation to Blighter Surveillance Systems for use as part of a persistent surveillance capability along the Korean Demilitarised Zone (DMZ), a buffer zone running 250km across the Korean peninsula and separating North and South Korea.

The software provides target track identification, such as…

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Farnell’s RIoTboard gets Raspberry Pi adaptor

An adaptor for the RIoTboard development platform from Farnell element14 is designed to significantly expand the board’s interface capability.

The adapter allows the board to interface with Arduino shields, MikroE Clicks, Pmods and Raspberry Pi accessories.

The distributor is also offering a number of add on boards are also…

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Welsh wafer maker reports loss but sees wireless recovery

IQE, the Wales-based semiconductor wafer supplier, has seen a recovery in the wireless chipset market during Q2, but with inventory in the pipeline and manufacturers de-stocking, IQE saw a 17% fall in revenues to £52m in the last six months.

The company slipped into the red with a…

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Elektra Awards: 2014 finalists named

The Elektra European Electronics Industry Awards 2014 has published the shortlisted finalists in each of its 16 award categories.

An outstanding number of companies entered the awards this year, presenting their product launches, business initiatives and commercial achievements. Those entries which most impressed a panel of independent judges are listed…

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