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Imagination goes with Mentor for chip emulation

Imagination Technologies has adopted the Mentor Graphics Veloce 2 enterprise emulation platform which it will use for  verification of its processor cores.

“The Veloce co-modeling technology enabled us to reduce our regression times,” said Mark Dunn, executive v-p SoC Design, Imagination Technologies.

“Imagination has shown us how better…

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ARM Cortex-M0+ dev boards free to Future Board Clubbers

Future Electronics is offering development boards for Atmel microcontrollers free to members of its FTM Board Club website.

One of the new boards supports the ATmega168, an 8-bit AVR microcontroller. The other two are for users of the SAM D21 or SAM R21 families of ARM Cortex-M0+ microcontrollers…

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Autonomous sub in centimetre search for flight MH370

The search for the missing Malaysian  airliner now involves an autonomous submarine from US-based firm Bluefin Robotics.

The miniature submarine, which is only five metres in length, is reported to have completed its first mission in a search for flight MH370′s black box flight recorder on the seabed…

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NI introduces 5G ready SDR development platform

National Instruments has introduced a software defined radio (SDR) platform, based on programmable hardware, for prototyping multi-channel wireless communications systems.

Built on FPGA-based RIO programmable hardware, the USRP RIO platform incorporates a 2 x 2 multiple input, multiple output (MIMO) RF transceiver capable of transmitting and receiving signals…

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Open-source project teaches design of ARM boards

A Linux programmer from the Slovak Republic has created an open-source project to help engineers and students to learn about advanced hardware design and how to port Linux to your own ARM board.

It is the idea of Robert Feranec at the Fedevel Academy and colleague Martin Murin who…

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University skills up games software entrepreneurs

Software programmers with an interest in digital game development are being offered a career move into a director role in a start-up business, by Falmouth University.

The university says the aim is to create teams of graduates which will become the basis of incorporated and investible companies developing software…

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UK spintronics expert wins Millennium Technology Prize

Professor Stuart Parkin, a researcher in spintronics and pioneer of magneto-resistive random-access memory (MRAM) has been recognised by Technology Academy Finland with its 2014 Millennium Technology Prize.

Previous winners of the prize have included World Wide Web creator Sir Tim Berners-Lee and ethical stem cell pioneer Dr…

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Intel has mobile worries

Intel says it saw a big slowdown in its mobile processor business in Q1.

Revenues for its smartphone and tablet processors fell by 52% on the previous quarter to $156m. This was down 61% year-over-year.

Intel’s biggest business sector is still PCs and this continued to fall…

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Freescale bundles motor control design tool with Kinetis MCUs

Freescale Semiconductor’s Kinetis V series of microcontrollers come with a bundled motor control design tool.

Intended for sensored and sensorless motor control designs, requiring precise speed and position measurement in parallel with general application task processing, the MCU supports a range of control algorithms from entry level BLDC to…

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MCU design tool has Microsoft Excel interface

Micrium has announced the latest release of its µC/Probe, a Windows-based application that allows engineers to graphically view and change the embedded system designs at run-time.

µC/Probe can read from and write to the memory (or I/O) of just about any embedded processor during run…

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