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Prepare for IEC 62368 with X capacitor safety discharger

With IEC 62368 replacing earlier safety standards for TVs and IT equipment, Power Integrations is certifying its X capacitor discharge ICs to the new standard.

X capacitors control conducted emissions from equipment, and are connected straight across the incoming mains – meaning that residual charge in them could cause electric shock…

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Cheaper 32bit PICs from Microchip

Aiming at cost-sensitive applications that need 32bit processing, to run stacks or process audio for example, Microchip has introduced a couple of cheaper MCU families, PIC32MX1xx and PIC32MX2xx, with MIPS M4K cores.

83Dmips is available at 50MHz, with up to 256kbyte flash and 64kbyte ram. “This enables embedded designs…

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16 bit DAC hits 2.5Gsample/s for direct RF generation

Clean fast analogue signal generation is the target of Linear Tech’s latest DAC.

Called LTC2000, the 16 bit converter can accept data at 2.5Gsample/s and has a 2.1GHz -3dB output bandwidth. RF synthesis is the intended application, in instrumentation, communications, test, cable TV data services and…

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IFA: Frontier halves DAB power consumption

Frontier Silicon has halved DAB receiver power consumption with the introduction a second generation of its Verona module.

“Verona 2 power is 80-100mW decoding for DAB reception, Verona 1 was 200-220mW,” Frontier v-p corporate development Patrick Hannon told Electronics Weekly. “Hibernate is 1mW. Verona 1 was 50mW…

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IFA: more octo-core phones

Two phone makers have announced products with octa-core ARM processors from Taiwanese chip firm MediaTek at IFA in Berlin, where AllWinner announced an octo-core processor this morning.

Alcatel has used MT6592 which has eight ARM Cortex-A7s and an ARM Mali GPU in its Hero 2. The LTE…

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TI aims at smart meters with FRAM microcontrollers

Texas Instruments is aiming at smart metering with 46 low-power microcontrollers with up to 128kbyte of ferroelectric memory (FRAM) non-volatile memory, instead of flash, for low-power data storage.

Part of the MSP430FR69xx family, the low-power theme is extended to including TI’s ‘extended scan interface’ (ESI…

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Microsemi expands audio DSPs

Microsemi has announced a family of DSP chips.

Called Timberwolf, it is described as a third-generation DSP architecture designed with a proprietary 4 MAC core, dedicated hardware accelerators, and two independent 16bit DACs in 64pin QFN and 56pin 3×3 CSP packages.

“This field upgradable DSP platform, when combined with…

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Frontier Silicon inside Philips Spotify multi-room speakers

Oxfordshire’s Frontier Silicon is providing the Wi-Fi hardware within Philips latest wireless speakers.

SW700M and SW750M are designed for Spotify Connect users and offer multi-room synchronised audio.

Inside, communication is courtesy of Frontier’s Venice 6.5 dual band 802.11n module and software stack.

“The latest…

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ARM Cortex-M0+ toughens up at Freescale

Automotive applications beckon as ARM Cortex-M0+ microcontrollers get AEC-Q100 grad1 certification in Freescale’s Kinetis EA series.

The 32bit MCU cores run at 48MHz and operate over -40 to 125°C and 2.7-5.5V (including flash write).

“This family of microcontrollers from Freescale offers robust EMI…

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Development kits speeds industrial display design

Need an industrial colour touch screen with control and measurement functions?

PanelPilotACE is a hardware and software development kit for industrial and commercial user displays and panel meters from Lascar.

Called Design Studio, the software is free to download and has building blocks for elements including background images, text elements…

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