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Graphene gets another real use – blue LED fabrication

Following a recent graphene oscillator demonstration by UK scientists, Researchers at IBM have used graphene in a re-usable substrate for making blue LEDs.

“In principle, graphene has been demonstrated as an infinitive source for growing these [GaN] semiconductor materials, making the work an enormously cost-effective and reliable production…

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Maxim aims at fitness and medical

Maxim is to reveal a ‘wellness platform’ for body-worn devices at electronica 2014 – a suite of design hardware and software centred on a new ARM Cortex-M3-based microcontroller, the MAX32600.
“The wellness platform provides power and battery management, digital processing, integrated sensors, low-power communications, and security,” said…

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Lumileds line and area sources for LED lighting

Lumileds has started to make multi-LED area and line light sources, based around 3535L surface mount LEDs on ridged and flexible PCBs.

It is making the area products, described them as its ‘matrix platform’, at its plant in Penang, Malaysia.

Luxeon XR (below) is the name of the rigid…

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Displays get laser treatment

Glass surface coatings can be heated to 1,000°C and be cool 100ms later using a production line laser developed by German firm LIMO.

The machine has been developed to temper coatings on displays in phones and tablets, as well as anneal crystals in coatings and activate dopants.


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Bluetooth Smart starter kit

Toshiba has introduced Bluetooth Smart (aka Bluetooth Low Energy) starter kit.

In the box are two PCBs: a daughter board with a TC35667FTG Bluetooth chip and a mother board with a TMPM395FWAXBG ARM Cortex-M3 microcontroller and some sensors for temperatur and acceleration, plus a buzzer.

The Bluetooth chip receiver…

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Sub-picoamp input op-amp offers high gain bandwidth

Linear Tech is aiming at high-impedance sensor transimpedance amplifiers with an op-amp that requires only 3fA of bias current (typical at 25°C) while offering 500MHz gain bandwidth product.

Potential applications for the chip, called LTC6268, include interfacing ADCs to reverse leakage (linear) mode photodiodes. 20kΩ transimpedance gain…

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XMOS adds industrial comms development kit

Xmos has announced development boards for its fast and novel xCore-XA microcontroller, that includes an ARM Cortex-M3 alongside its unconventional low-latency 32bit multi-core processor architecture – invented to provide fast deterministic interfacing without interrupts.

The first products aimed at flexible industrial ‘field bus’ communication.
“There are a…

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Prepare for IEC 62368 with X capacitor safety discharger

With IEC 62368 replacing earlier safety standards for TVs and IT equipment, Power Integrations is certifying its X capacitor discharge ICs to the new standard.

X capacitors control conducted emissions from equipment, and are connected straight across the incoming mains – meaning that residual charge in them could cause electric shock…

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