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3.5inch colour TFT has touch option

Winstar has introduced a 3.5in version of its M Series colour TFT LCDs.

WF35M measures 100x66mm and under 6mm thick (plus connector) has a built in RS-232 interface. The actual display is 70x53mm, and 320xRGBx240.

There is a resistive touch panel option, and an SPI interface version is…

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LTE-A field tester supports carrier aggregation

Anite has added carrier aggregation and Category 6 device support to its Nemo Outdoor laptop-based drive wireless network tester.

Phone network operators worldwide are testing and trialling carrier aggregation, and are launching LTE-Advanced (LTE-A) networks with the first phase of Cat 6 devices, using two carrier components…

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How Harvard’s 1,024 robot swarm does what it does

Researchers at Harvard University’s school of engineering have been puzzling over autonomous robot collaboration – in particular, how do you get robots that can only sense a short distance to make something big without an all-seeing eye or central control to direct them.

And recently they have had some…

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‘Most powerful’ infra-red LEDs

LED Engin has announced a quad die infra-red LED emitting 4.5W of flux, from 850nm and 940nm variants.

“The four die parts are the world’s most powerful IR emitters,” said the firm, which has also released some deep red emitters.

Called LZ4, the IR LEDs have a…

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UK to study cosmic ray chip damage

UK scientists have built a facility to understand how particles from space interact with today’s shrinking electronic devices.

Called ChipIR, is now part of the Science and Technology Facilities Council (STFC) ISIS neutron source at Harwell in Oxfordshire, and will mimic cosmic ray neutrons which can cause soft errors…

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68020 MPU stays out of the grave

The 68020 microprocessor will live on, with a new package, life thanks to a collaboration between Essex-based e2v and Freescale.

It is now available in a 132pin ceramic quadpack (CERQUAD), pin-to-pin compatible with the original Freescale plastic quad flat package (PQFP).

“This new package option will facilitate…

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Wolfson extends claim to mobile hi-fi crown

Wolfson is claiming 122dB signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) and 85dB THD+noise from the headphone DAC in its latest audio chip for phones and tablets.

WM8998 audio system chip, which is one of the fabless Edinburgh firm’s ‘audio hubs’, also sports two (stereo) 100dB SNR Class-D speaker…

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Design tools support FTDI’s embedded graphics engine

Alpha Micro Components is creating a suite of tools for designing human-machine interfaces (HMIs) using FTDI Chip’s novel EVE embedded graphics controller chips – both the original FT800 and the new FT801 which adds capacitive touch.

FTDI’s EVE chips are novel because they allow 8bit microcontrollers to drive…

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Fluid temperature sensor

Vishay has introduced a 4mm diameter immersion sensor for fluid temperature sensing.

Called NTCAIMME3, its stainless steel housing (2mm tip) allows permanent contact with fluids.

Key parameters are:

-25 to +105°C range
1.5s response time
<0.02K/K thermal gradient
+/-1.5°C accuracy.
100mW maximum power…

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