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Golf’s loss is solar’s gain in Japan

Old golf course land is to become solar farms, according to Kyocera, which is working with partners on the conversions.

The most recently announced is a 23MW power plant on an abandoned golf course in Kyoto Prefecture, which will generate an estimated 26GWh/year.

“Over-development of golf properties during…

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Narrow beam angles from small LED packages

Following research at Sheffield-based LED packaging firm Litecool, narrow beam angles from LED packages without secondary optics or reflectors look closer.

The proof-of-concept device produced a beam with 50% of light in 36 degrees, and over 90% efficiency.

“Most package manufacturers design their LED packages for maximum…

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Car hacked through mobile phone connection

US white hat hackers have demonstrated taking control of the engine, and the braking, of a moving car though a mobile phone connection.

According to Wired, Charlie Miller and Chris Valase attacked safety critical parts of the car, a Jeep Cherokee, through its ‘Uconnect’ infotainment system.

The hackers have been…

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Algorithm designs previously unknown optical components

A mathematical technique borrowed from the stock market can design the working parts of integrated silicon waveguide optical components, using only the required specification as input data, claim scientists from Stanford University.

To design their device they adapted concepts from ‘convex optimisation’, with the help of Stanford electrical engineering Professor…

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AdaCore Gnat Pro for Wind River VxWorks 7

AdaCore is supporting the Ada programming language on Wind River’s VxWorks 7 real-time operating system with its Gnat Pro development environment.

“AdaCore engineers worked closely with Wind River on this product, ensuring that it would support both single and multi-core systems” said AdaCore. “Enhancements over previous versions…

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Molecule opens window on single-electron transistors

An international team has made single-electron transistors – a transistor from a molecule of phthalocyanine and twelve indium atoms.

An alternative to ‘single electron’ transistors made on fabricated quantum dots – which are sensitive to one electron leaving or joining, but typically have hundreds of electrons – this transistor is simple and…

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Standard release for lighting LED-driver interface

The Module-Driver Interface Special Interest Group (MD-SIG) has released its specification for a universal electrical interface between LED lighting modules and their power supplies. The standard has the support of Osram, Panasonic, Philips and Tridonic.

Called LEDset1 edition1.0, it is a three wire interface (see diagram): power…

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Two in five British adults affected by data breaches

Just over 40% of British adults have been affected by data breaches. In other words, had their personal information compromised by an organisation, putting them at risk of identity theft or identity fraud. Of these 64% are concerned that it could happen to them again in the future – so says…

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French firm wins Lapis Semi Bluetooth antenna design in

Insight SiP of Sophia Antipolis is behind the PCB antenna design in the latest Bluetooth module of Lapis Semi.

Called MK71050-03, it uses Lapis’ MK7105 silicon whose tranciever achieves <9mA transmit and receive.

“The internal pattern antenna optimised for the ML7105 was developed in collaboration with Insight SiP…

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Wireless microcontroller with novel Bluetooth LE radio

Renesas has introduced a wireless microcontroller that supports Bluetooth Smart for short-range wireless communication. The radio technology was revealed at the IEEE ISSCC technology conference this year.

The chip is one of the firm’s L78/G1D Group. “Current consumption of the RL78/G1D is among the lowest in…

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