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Imagination aims radio IP at IoT

Imagination Technologies has introduced wireless intellectual property for internet-of-things devices.

Branded ‘Whisper’, it is part of Imagination’s Ensigma Series4 low-power radio processing unit (RPU) family.

“With our existing Ensigma RPUs, customers are already building a range of life-style devices,” said Imagination marketing v-p Tony…

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More on: Infineon’s over-current blocking FET

Infineon Technologies is to develop a two-terminal semiconductor device that acts as a circuit breaker for hundreds of volts and amps: doubling the performance of its mains-voltage super-junction mosfets along the way.

The aim is to replace electromechanical circuit breakers with something faster.

“A circuit breaker can…

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Google offers $1m power inverter challenge

Google, together with the IEEE, is offering $1m to the person or team who best shrinks the size of power inverters, in something called the ‘Little box challenge’.

“We’re looking for someone to build a kW-scale inverter with a power density greater than 50W/inch3,” said the firm…

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3D PCB printer does pick-n-place too

New York-based start-up BotFactory is developing a rapid prototyping machine that prints PCBs and then picks-and-places components.

Called Squink and the subject of a KickStarter funding drive, “it sits on your desk, and prints and assembles your circuits in a matter of minutes on flexible or…

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CadSoft launches v7 of Eagle PCB

CadSoft has rolled its Eagle PCB layout tool to version 7, improving the auto-router and allowing large designs to be split across a team.

The auto-router can simultaneously generate multiple routing variants on multi-core processors (one per core) and requires fewer manual interventions.

Large schematic designs to…

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12V 8th brick PSU for bus conversion

Semiconductor Circuits of New Hampshire is offering a 12V 9A 8th brick dc-dc converter – rated at 108W 12V at 55°C and 1m/s (200 feet/minute) airflow.

Called CPE9B36, it is aimed at bus conversion and distributed power applications.

It is 58.4×22.9mm and compliant with DOSA…

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Universities asked to bid for ‘big data’ funding

The government is asking universities to bid for shares of £42m, allocated over five years to fund the Alan Turing Institute.

The Institute’s objective will be to ensure that the UK remains at the forefront of analytical methods required to exploit publicly or privately owned large data sets.

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Nottingham Trent University picks Plessey for smart textiles

Nottingham Trent University is to integrate Plessey sensing technology into car seats to detect sleepy drivers.

Plessey has previously demonstrated electrocardiogram (ECG) measurements using its EPIC electrostatic sensing chip, and this work is being extended by the University’s Advanced Textile Research Group.
“Plessey has already demonstrated that cardiac signals…

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IR extends space power supply to 120V

International Rectifier has introduced the M3G120 Series of 40W radiation-hardened (RAD-Hard) 120V input dc-dc converters for satellites with up to 15 years mission life, such as space stations and NASA’s Orion MPCV (multi-purpose crew vehicle) programmes, said IR.

“The M3G120 is based on IR’s…

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Wireless train sensor harvests energy

Energy harvesting firm Perpetuum has gone to LPRS for radios for its real-time railway bearing monitoring system.

Changing vibration and temperature patterns from bearings can warn they are becoming worn, and the Perpetuum sensor system provides vibration data for long term failure prediction and temperature data for short term…

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