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Rohm buys Renesas fab for IGBTs and MEMS

Rohm is spending Y450m buying Renesas’ 8inch Shiga fab.

After completing the deal, planned for February next year, which involves leasing the land and buildings, the line will mainly make IGBTs, mosfets and piezoelectric MEMS on a 0.15μm process, and will be Rohm’s main site for power…

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Robot arm controlled by quadriplegic’s intentions

Californian researchers have linked a robot arm to the brain of a quadriplegic man, giving him smooth control over the arm.

The electrodes are not in the motor cortex or attached to muscle nerves, but are in a part of the brain associated with planning muscle activity: the posterior parietal…

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PCIM: Toshiba aims at BLDC sine-wave control

Toshiba has launched a high voltage driver for sine-wave control of brushless dc (BLDC) electric motors.

Intended to work with a microcontroller, TPD4204F is rated to 600V and 2.5A and includes six power mosfets as well as driver IC, all in a 30pin surface-mount SOP30 package measuring…

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1-26MHz MEMS oscillator challenges quartz on all fronts

Called SiT8021, power consumption is 110µA for 3MHz, and the device is available in chip-scale packages (CSPs) as small as 1.5×0.8mm.

The MEMS part is a 524kHz double tuning fork resonator (see diagram), identical to the one in a similar 32kHz oscillator released three months ago…

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PCIM: Vicor slim-line PSU package takes double-sided cooling

Vicor has developed a slim-line power package for power supplies interfacing with ac or 380Vdc rails in data centres.

Called VIA (Vicor integrated adapter), it will come in various lengths and is 36mm wide and 9mm thick – so it will fit along the inside of a 1U chassis, or…

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PCIM: Fairchild lifts the lid on gen4 IGBTs

Fairchild  is revealing some of the technology behind its 4th generation 650V and 1,200V IGBTs at PCIM in Nurnberg. 

Intended for high and medium speed switching in industrial and automotive applications, Vce(sat) in the devices is around 1.65V and Eoff is 5µJ/A.

PCIM: Your Electronics…

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More on: IBM approaches 100Gbit/s all CMOS optical transceivers

IBM has revealed more about its 100Gbit/s CMOS optical transmitter, reported at the Conference on Lasers and Electro Optics in San Jose last week.

Using its sub-100nm CMOS9WG silicon-on-insulator process, it has implemented Mach-Zehnder modulators (MZMs) and a compatible 50Ω CMOS driver.

Unlike the 16Gbit…

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Intel looks into crystal ball

Intel has been looking into the near future at its Future Showcase 2015

Looking to get into homes, and with an eye on start-ups, is was showing a home gateway based around the firm’s Galileo development board.

“It allows makers to come up with their own home automation…

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IBM approaches 100Gbit/s all CMOS optical transceivers

IBM engineers have designed and tested a fully integrated wavelength multiplexed silicon photonics chip, “which will soon enable manufacturing of 100Gbit/s optical transceivers”, said the firm.

Details are few as the technology is being presented at Conference on Lasers and Electro Optics in San Jose this week.

“IBM engineers…

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Ten core ARM boosts batteries in fastest phones

MediaTek has a 10 core phone processor in the pipeline.

Called  Helio X20, it has one cluster of two 2.5GHz ARM Cortex-A72 cores for top-end performance (games and video recording, for example), one cluster of four 2GHz Cortex-A53 cores for medium loads, and one cluster of…

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