Spansion launches ARM-based automotive microcontrollers

Spansion MCUsSpansion has launched a family of ARM-based microcontrollers for automotive applications.

Called Traveo, they use the ARM Cortex-R5 core aimed at embedded auto applications such as electrification, body electronics, battery management, automotive cluster displays, HVAC and ADAS.

The first product of the Spansion Traveo family, the MB9D560 series, has two ARM Cortex-R5 cores with 2MB of embedded flash and operates at 200 MHz.

The dual-core structure on a single chip has two interface circuits for resolver sensors for motor control, and two unique hardware IP for motor control operations.

Each core has a built-in floating point unit (FPU) and operates at 1.66DMIPS/MHz, with each motor running independently but monitoring the operation of each other.

The system’s reliability is achieved with a memory protection unit, error correction code (ECC), parity error detection and correction functions.

“Spansion’s new portfolio of Traveo microcontrollers is a great example of fast, real-time and deterministic microcontrollers that will broaden the adoption of our architecture into new applications inside the vehicle,” says ARM’s Richard York.


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