4.3% semi growth in 2013, says Cowan

Mike CowanMike Cowan puts this year’s semi market growth at 4.3% which is on the low side compared to other forecasters.

Top of the estimate range is Jim Handy’s ‘approaching 10%’, followed by VLSI Research’s 7.7%, Merrill Lynch’s 7.6 % and Databeans’ 7.1%.

Then comes IDC and Malcolm Penn at 6.9%, and Semico and Bill Jewell on 5 to 6%.

Gartner comes in at 5.2%, IHS at 5% and IC Insights at 4.8%.

The WSTS and SIA predict 4.4%, Morris Chang says 4 %, Value Line Publishing and ABI say 3 %, The Information Network says 1.5 % and the Carnegie Group says minus 1.5%.

For next year Cowan is forecasting a 4.5. % increase to $317 billion with Q1 at $75 billion, Q2 at $78 billion, Q3 at $84 billion and Q4 at $82 billion.

Image: Mike Cowan, Inside Chips

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