ADI buys Swiss image sensor specialist

ADI has bought SNAP Sensor, a privately held company based in Switzerland that specializes in vision sensing technologies.


The acquisition will advance ADI’s sensing and signal processing capabilities.

SNAP Sensor’s patented technology offers improvements to existing optical sensors by ensuring accurate image detection in challenging lighting conditions. It improves sensing reliability and accuracy in a range of detection, identification, and guidance uses. In addition, much of the image management is performed on the sensor, enabling the use of affordable and lower power processors.

“SNAP Sensor’s cutting-edge optical technology and vision software and algorithm expertise allow us to continue unlocking new possibilities for our customers in a wide range of IoT applications such as building automation, building security, city management, transportation, and more,” says ADI’s Michael Murray, “this acquisition further enhances our sensing portfolio and ensures that we’re helping customers realize the best possible outcomes from IoT solutions.”

The SNAP Sensor team will remain in Switzerland to establish a new Analog Devices R&D centre and continue its close collaboration with the Swiss research and technology organization CSEM

“Our team is very enthusiastic about joining Analog Devices,” says Pascal Dorster, CEO of SNAP Sensor, “this provides us access to the engineering, supply-chain, and commercialisation resources needed to accelerate our growth and continue advancing our technology vision.”

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