AMD, GloFo part company

AMD has got out of Globalfoundries giving up its remaining 8.8% stake in the foundry company and scrapping commitments to using GloFo as a foundry source.


Last year AMD moved some of its 28nm manufacturing out of GloFo to TSMC, because of poor yields, and also revised its supply deal so it only paid for working chips, not wafers.


Now a new mechanism has been put in place for negotiating the price of wafers and AMD has been released from all obligations to give GloFo 28nm foundry business.


AMD has paid GloFo $425m to get out of its relationship with the foundry.


GloFo was formed in 2009 taking over AMD’s fabs and later buying the Singapore foundry Chartered Semiconductor.


Three years later, it seems, all AMD-GloFo contractual ties are broken.

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