Ballmer to go within a year

Steve BallmerWhen a $300 billion market cap company sees its shares shoot up 8% something pretty good must have happened to the company.

In Microsoft’s case the pretty good something is the resignation of the CEO – to take effect within the year.

Steve Ballmer presided over the launch of the much-loathed Windows 8, over the move into manufacturing tablets which cost it a $1 billion write-down of unsold stock earlier this month and over the deal with Nokia on hand-sets which has not done much to save the stricken Finnish company.

Making tablets annoyed many of Microsoft’s hardware manufacturing customers, and porting Windows to ARM annoyed Microsoft’s long-time ally Intel.

Ballmer has behaved very oddly in public bouncing around and shouting in his presentations which can be watched on YouTube.

He met Bill Gates at Harvard and became Microsoft’s 30th employee in 1980.

He is worth $15 billion.

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