China to make 400m smartphones this year

Xiomi mi3

Xiomi mi3

422 million smartphones will be sold in a China this year, says Digitimes Research, with 278 million of them coming from Chinese vendors.

Samsung and Apple will sell 144 million smartphones in a China this year – up 4% on 2013.

As domestic competition intensifies, Chinese vendors will be exporting more. Digitimes Research expects global shipments of China-based smartphone vendors to reach 412 million units in 2014, a 30.7% increase from 2013. Overseas shipments will account for about 126 million units.

Lenovo and Huawei are expected to reach 50 million units.

ZTE’s and CoolPad’s shipments are expected to reach 35.5 million units.

TCL has shown a significant growth in exports with shipments expected to exceed 26 million units in 2014, ranking No. 5 on the list.

Second-tier vendors Gionee and Xiaomi are expected to ship 20 million units.


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