Making music with Arduino and the Raspberry Pis

RS Components is organising a design competition which gives Arduino or Raspberry Pi computer modules a musical flavour.

Raspberry Pi B+

Raspberry Pi B+

This is part of the distributor’s sponsorship of the Music Tech Fest London, taking place from 5-7 September at the London Symphony Orchestra’s own venue, the LSO St Lukes.

The challenge will be to complete the project, dubbed hack challenge, in 24 hours. It will then give a showcase performance of each hack challenge on the main festival stage. A live YouTube stream will highlight the results and the winning hackers will be presented with a prize donated by RS.

RS is also sponsoring a collaboration between pro hacker Adam John Williams and solo artist Jason Singh, who uses his voice and samplers to engage people in musical creation.

Guy Magrath, global head of eCommerce at RS Components said: “As a business that has helped engineers to innovate for over 75 years, we are embracing the digital age by supporting futuristic projects and events like Music Tech Fest that bring the application of components to life. For us, the three-day event is the perfect platform to leverage the expertise of engineers and hackers, and bring their knowledge to life by demonstrating the use of components in various ways. We are delighted to be involved with Music Tech Fest and the opportunity it presents in developing new applications of components in music.”



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