Samsung passives business targets UK market

Samsung Electro Mechanics (SEM) has signed Anglia Components to act as distributor for its passive components in the UK and Ireland.

Anglia and Samsung

Left to right – David Pearson, Technical Director, Anglia; Frank Goebel, Sales Director Passive components and PCB Europe, Samsung; Elly Yoo, Sales associate LCR division, Samsung; Alexander Nebel, Application Engineer, Samsung; Graham Bridger, Director, PEMCO, Anglia and Kerry Higham, Marketing Manager – PEMCO, Anglia

Steve Rawlins, CEO of Anglia Components, sees an opportunity to increase the manufacturer’s visibility in the UK market.

“SEM is insufficiently exposed to the UK market, and we are looking forward to introducing them to our customers, and identifying opportunities where SEM devices can make a difference to their design,” said Rawlins.

Michael Chang, Sales Manager, Samsung Electro-Mechanics, believes local distributors with close customer relationships have a key part to play in the company’s network.

“Anglia has particular expertise in the industrial sector, an important part of the UK market and an application that SEM is keen to expand into,” said Chang.

SEM has a strong range of MLCC devices and this range will be a major focus for Anglia. In addition it will fully support SEM EMC control devices, chip resistors, crystal devices, Tantalum and X2Y Capacitors and chip inductors.

This represents a major stock investment for Anglia, said Rawlins.

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