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Charger Physical Interface IC for Quick Charge 2.0 - Typical Application Schematic

Charger Physical Interface IC for Quick Charge 2.0 – Typical Application Schematic

Today, Power Integrations introduced the first reference design for a Qualcomm Quick Charge 2.0-enabled charger power supply.

Launched earlier this year, the Quick Charge 2.0 protocol enables users to charge mobile devices up to 75% faster than when using conventional USB charging technology.

Power Integrations has developed the ChiPhy family of AC-DC wall-charger interface ICs which, when combined with the company’s AC-DC switcher ICs, incorporates all of the necessary elements to add rapid charging functionality to AC-DC wall chargers.

The CHY100 IC detects commands from a Quick Charge 2.0-enabled device, and adjusts the output voltage of the AC-DC wall charger to deliver increased power to the device’s battery through a standard USB cable.

When plugged into a five-volt USB-powered device without Quick Charge 2.0 capability, CHY100 IC automatically disables the higher-voltage capability to ensure safe operation and backwards compatibility with older hardware.

An evaluation platform for ChiPhy ICs, DER-381 describes a CV/CC charger power supply capable of up to 24 W utilizing TOPSwitch-JX switcher and CHY100D interface ICs.

The PSU operates from universal input and provides selectable output voltages (5 V, 9 V, and 12 V) with a maximum constant current of 2 A. The TOPSwitch-JX IC maintains virtually constant efficiency across a very wide range of output voltages and current load conditions.

“DER-381 shows how a Quick Charge 2.0 charger power supply can be successfully implemented using Power Integrations’ switcher and interface ICs and simple optocoupler feedback,” says PI’s Peter Vaughan.

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