ADI launches Blackfin DSP

ADI has brought out a DSP series that delivers 800 MMACS of processing power at less than 100 mW. In 12 × 12 QFN or 12 × 12 BGA packages they starting at under $4.00/1k units.

ADI - functional block diagram for ADSP-BF700

ADI – functional block diagram for ADSP-BF700

A member of ADI’s eight-member Blackfin processor family, the new DSP called ADSP-B70x, has up to 1 MB of internal SRAM with a second configuration featuring an optional DDR memory interface.

Designers can incorporate 16- and 32-bit processing in a range of new embedded vision use cases, including industrial imaging and building controls as well as portable and automotive audio.

Connectivity includes USB, SDIO, CAN, ePPI, SPORT and QuadSPI.

“Our latest processor delivers up to 400 MHz with single-cycle, dual-16-bit, 32-bit and complex fixed-point math capability operating on a 95-mW core power budget,” says ADI’s Andy Lanfear.

The processors are aimed intelligent lighting, occupancy sensing, industrial imaging in cameras, barcode readers, biometric sensors, portable audio and automotive audio.

The processors include an on-board crypto hardware accelerator that features fast secure boot with decryption and authentication with always-on safety critical applications.

For audio and video system architects, Analog Devices makes available ADI software modules, including image processing applications software (such as video occupancy sensing, image processing toolbox, 2D graphics); video imaging codecs such as JPEG and H.264BP/MP; audio codecs including MP3 and WMA; and post processing software including asynchronous sample rate converters and multi-band graphic equalizers. Dolby and DTS algorithms are also available via a software license.

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