ARM-based server IC company becomes Calxeda

Smooth-Stone of Austin, Texas, which has raised $48m to develop ARM-based processors for servers, has changed its name to Calxeda.

Smooth-Stone of

The name change is believed to have been done to distinguish the company from others of the same name.

Calxeda aims to reduce the power consumption of servers by engineering the ARM processor to power servers.

“We believe the solution requires an order of magnitude improvement, literally ten times the energy efficiency, for half the price,” says Barry Evans, CEO of Calxeda, “this is within our reach, with technologies like we are building at Calxeda, where we expect early OEM designs in the first half of 2011.  The response from potential customers, technology partners and the industry overall validates we are onto something big.”

Calxeda is backed by ATIC, the Abu Dhabi backers of GloFo, TI, Battery Ventures, Flybridge Capital Partners, and Highland Capital Partners

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