ARM POP for GloFo’s 28nm SLP process

GloFo says that ARM’s processor optimization pack (POP) for Cortex A9 processors running on GloFo’s 28nm ‘super low power’ (SLP) process is available.

A POP includes:  Artisan Physical IP logic libraries and memory instances that are tightly coupled with ARM processors to deliver optimal results; a benchmarking report to document the exact conditions and results ARM achieved for the core implementation; and   a POP Implementation Guide that details the methodology used to achieve the result, to enable the end customer to achieve the same implementation quickly and at low risk.

The Artisan Physical IP platform  includes process tuned 9 track and 12 track multi-Vt standard cell libraries, power management kits, ECO kits, ARM Artisan high-density and high-performance optimized memory compilers, as well GPIO through the ARM DesignStart™ online IP access portal.

“Smartphones are increasingly becoming the devices that consumers rely on for a wide range of applications. To deliver the user experience that they would expect, OEMs and their semiconductor suppliers must deliver on the promise of high-performance and energy-efficiency,” says John Heinlein, vice president of marketing, physical IP division, ARM. “Single and dual-core Cortex-A9 processor-based mobile devices are already widely available and delivering on this demand. The new 28nm POP provides an easy next step to maintain a competitive edge.”

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