Asenov sells statistical process IP to GloFo

Gold Standard Simulations (GSS), professor Asen Asenov’s IC production statistical analysis company, has signed a multi-million dollar contract to license its complete TCAD/EDA tool suite to Globalfoundries.

Professor Asen Asenov

Professor Asen Asenov

The fully integrated and automated tool chain includes Garand, the GSS ‘atomistic’ TCAD simulator; Mystic, the GSS statistical compact model extractor; and RandomSpice, the GSS statistical circuit simulator.

The GSS tool suite is the world’s only fully integrated tool chain that performs simulation- based design/technology co-optimisation (DTCO) in advanced bulk, FDSOI and FinFET CMOS technologies, including statistical variability and reliability.

“The GSS simulation tools offer significant competitive TCAD advantages that support technology development by providing a seamless flow from Monte Carlo transistor simulation through physical simulation of statistical variability, extraction of accurate statistical compact models, and circuit simulation,” said GloFo’s Francis Benistant. “This integrated tool-chain provides a highly efficient TCAD environment that greatly accelerates technology design and circuit co-optimisation to accelerate technology development.”

“We are delighted to have Globalfoundries as a GSS customer. I believe this relationship will prove to be highly symbiotic and will lead to advances in both Globalfoundries technology offerings and in driving future developments in the GSS tool chain,” said Asenov, who is professor of electrical engineering at Glasgow University as well as CEO of GSS.

“The significance of this is that a small start-up company from Scotland with no venture capital has won a multimillion-dollar deal with the second largest foundry in the world,” added Asenov. “This is in competition with mighty EDA companies like Synopsys.”

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