Battle for 4k and 8k wireless data interface

The rush to higher resolution screens is pushing the makers of wireless data communications chips to keep up by producing higher capacity transmitters and receivers.

Analogix - Slimport

Analogix – Slimport

At the 4k resolution generation, which will be emerging in tablets, TVs and smartphones later this year, the competing standards will be DisplayPort and Mobile High-Definition Link (MHL).

Respective adoption of ICs made to the two standards will be “neck and neck” says Andre Bouwer, vp for marketing at Analogix which sells 4k-capable chips made to the DisplayPort standard which are sold under Analogix’ SlimPort brand name.

DisplayPort has the advantage of being the standard used by Apple.

4k resolution screens will not be a long-lived market. “We’re already seeing 8k being demo-ed,” says Bouwer.

Currently Analogix is producing transmitters and receivers capable of exchanging data at 6.75Gbps to handle 4k data streaming, but it is preparing 8.1Gbps chips for the 8k resolution screens expected in 2015.

MHL was developed by the MHL Consortium consisting of Samsung, Silicon Image, Sony, Toshiba and Nokia.

DisplayPort was developed by the Video Electronic Standards Association (VESA) which is working with the Wireless Gigabit Alliance (WiGig) to develop technologies for multi-Gigabit wireless data transmission.

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