Chip manufacturing equipment sales fall

Sales of semiconductor manufacturing equipment fell 14% last year compared to 2012, reports SEMI.

SEMI - Semiconductor Capital Equipment Market by World Region

SEMI – Semiconductor Capital Equipment Market by World Region

Taiwan took the top slot with Korea the biggest faller where sales fell 41%.

This was probably due to the fact that there are now only three significant DRAM manufacturers so they don’t have to chase down the micron trail so fast. Consequently, they don’t need to buy so much new equipment.

Taiwan represents a third of the $31.58 billion market buying twice as much manufacturing equipment as America. $10.57 billion by Taiwan – up by 11% on 2012; $5.26 billion by America – down by 36% on 2012.

Europe’s spending dropped by 25% ahead of a substantial expected injection of taxpayers’ funds into the sector, and China’s spending grew 30%.

The top seven regions for spending were:


Taiwan    –     10.57

America      –    5.6

Korea         –     5.13

Japan      –        3.38

China        –      3.27

RoW        –       2.07

Europe     –       1.91

Front end equipment spending decreased 34%; assembly and packaging decreased 26%;  test equipment sales decreased 24%; and wafer processing equipment decreased 11%.

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