CML starts Systems Group

One of the world’s oldest semiconductor companies, 46 year-old CML Microcircuits of Essex, has formed a Systems Group.

CML Microcircuits - Systems Group

CML Microcircuits – Systems Group

“The Systems Group provides performance RF and software solutions, developed by engineers for engineers and joins our existing silicon design teams based in Langford and Sheffield to form a formidable CML Microcircuits design and development organisation,” says CML md Mike Gurry.

Formerly known as Applied Technology, CML’s new Systems Group is an engineering organisation specialising in performance RF design and DSP software. Based in Somerset it continues the tradition of RF and DSP technology established in the area by the ground-breaking work of Bath and Bristol Universities.

Systems Group has had a key role in developing core products for CML but also acts as an independent Research and Development (R&D) company specialising in product development, consultancy and system design.

The team has a broad range of experience including: TETRA, Marine Communication (AIS), PMR, DMR, dPMR, NXDN, Telecom Modems (e.g.V.32 bis), APCO P25, Aviation VHF Digital Link (Modes 2, 3 and 4) and Satellite systems.

Image: CML Microcircuits – Systems Group

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