EC to intervene in Micron Italian dispute

The EC is now pledged to take up the case of the sacked Micron researchers.

EC Vice-President Antonio Tajani

EC Vice-President Antonio Tajani

EC Vice-President Antonio Tajani visited protesting Micron workers in Catania yesterday and pledged his support for their cause.

“I pledge to to intervene with this company just as we did with Tenneco,” Tajani told the Micron employees.

Tenneco is a Chicago company which tried to close sites in Spain and Belgium.

Tajani recalled how, after the announcement of the closure and downsizing of Tenneco Gijon (Spain) and Sint-Truiden (Belgium), the EC met with representatives of the company and unions to evaluate all possibilities and maintain employment levels.

“Europe is promoting reindustrialization to ensure growth and employment, especially in high technology sectors like microelectronics, that therefore need to be supported,” said Tajani.

There is widespread outrage across Italy that Micron announced a 5% global workforce reduction and then said that, in Italy, it would be a 40% reduction.

This was after the 35 year-old Idaho-based Micron had its best ever year when it doubled its revenues to $14.2 billion.

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