EC VP Calls On Micron To Halt Lay-Offs

The Vice President of the European Commission, Antonio Tajani, wrote yesterday  to Mark Durcan CEO of Micron Technology and Mark Adams, President of Micron, asking them to defer the lay-offs of 419 researchers planned for April 7th.

EC Vice-President Antonio Tajani

EC Vice-President Antonio Tajani

The letter was copied to the CFO Ron Foster, the HR VP Pat Otte, the R&D VP and President of Micron Italy, Scott DeBoer, the VP of Global Government Affairs Joel Poppen, the VP of Corporate Development Michael Sadler and the VP of Investor Relations, Kipp Bedard.

Tajani said that, in the light of Micron’s benefitting from EU R&D funding in the past, it would be “unfortunate” if Micron reduced its level of engagement in research in Europe.

Tajani says he “finds it difficult to understand the reasons” for the “drastic restructuring currently in progress.”

Tajani has propsed a meeting in the next two weeks between his staff and the staff of Micron in order to understand those reasons.

“In the meantime,” concludes Tajani, “I would be grateful if you could defer on the measures to reduce the number of Micron Europe’s Employees.”

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